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Our networking group Dynamic Women in Business (DWIB, formerly Dorset Women in Business) has been established for 8 years.

It has become one of Dorset and Hampshire’s most popular networking events for business women as it offers a unique blend of friendly, informal networking in some of the areas’ best venues.

The DWIB community comprises a large group of business women representing their own businesses or attending on behalf of larger companies.


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Engage with  DWIB

As well as attending events, there is the opportunity to get a bit more involved; sponsor an event, have a speaker slot, showcase your products on a stall, or consider becoming a licenseeYou can do this as a one-off, or if you are interested in becoming a partner, over a period of time.

There is a large potential for business growth in Dorset, as well as into other areas, and DWIB offers a number of ways to engage with our ever-growing community.

Speaker | Sponsor


want to speak at, or sponsor a meeting?

The sponsorship of an event means the opportunity to get your business’s message across to each and every woman at an event, and beyond.

The benefits to sponsors are:

The main speaking slot of approximately 20 minutes enables you to speak at length about yourself and what your business can do for the attendees. This can be broadcast via Facebook Live to our page

Your business name and logo are associated with the event from the moment you decide to become the sponsor. It will be included in all mentions of the event on our fortnightly newsletter (distributed to 1000+ ladies), on the event listing itself, and on our social media channels, especially Facebook and Twitter, both before and after the event.

We will share any info/social media posts you wish us to in the run-up to the event itself.

The cost is just £75 per event (if you decide to sponsor a series of 3 or more, this is reduced to £60/event) and this includes one space at the event itself.

“I got some fantastic exposure and really positive feedback…a couple of clients already signed up for my retreat…would definitely recommend it



“I have been delighted to speak on the subject of Business at DWIB events. A DWIB room is always positive, warm and welcoming, women keen to listen and learn – and chat over coffee. A brilliant club to be a part of, thank you Dawn.”




Showcase your products and services

Show what you have to offer 

At the majority of our venues, there is space for a stallholder to exhibit their business.  The amount of space does vary according to the venue so please do contact us to discuss.

Benefits for stallholders at our events include:

  • The opportunity for you to showcase your business by bringing along promotional literature, a banner stand, items to sell/display etc.
  • A 2-minute speaking slot
  • Your business will be promoted via our email newsletter and on our social media.

The cost is just £30 and includes your ticket.

“What a fantastic afternoon networking and showcasing my business Willow Tree Health & Wellbeing … Thank you DWIB for giving me the opportunity and it was lovely meeting so many like-minded women today.”



“I loved bringing my wares to DWIB – it is a great way to introduce to your business to others who can see, smell and touch your products. I was able to find a new stockist for my products through showcasing my products at DWIB!”

Christina Pengelly

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how to be an official partner

Discover more

Dynamic Women in Business (DWIB, formerly Dorset Women in Business) networking group has been established for 8 years. It has become one of the area’s most popular networking events for business women. It offers a unique blend of friendly, informal networking in the South’s best venues. There is a large potential for business growth across the country.

We offer partner packages on a quarterly and annual basis.  These can give you the platform to offer value to our DWIB community whilst promoting your business.

Why become a partner of dwib?

As an official Partner, you are guaranteed a number of promotional opportunities such as:

  • A raised profile at our physical networking events
  • Speaker slots, informative seminars, webinars
  • Profile on our website and guest blogging
  • Featuring on social media and regular emails out to our ever-growing community

Our event attendees benefit from the DWIB group by connecting, collaborating, learning and growing in confidence.  Think how your business could help them, and how DWIB’s social media activity can reach out and amplify your involvement. Becoming a DWIB Partner can provide many opportunities to reach out and engage – all creative ideas are welcome!



Why become a partner of dwib?

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